Monday, March 16, 2015

Relics In The Mineshaft

In a time of darkness it is essential to be cautious and reserved.
Photo credit: Al Wiggins Jr
One should not needlessly awaken overwhelming enmity
 by inconsiderate behavior.

Cupid's Wings
 Cupid's Wings
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta
  In such times one ought not to fall in with the practices of others; 
neither should one drag them censoriously into the light.
 Shame by Thomas Dodd
Shame by Thomas Dodd
 The Swarm is in motion
In social intercourse one should not try to be all-knowing.  
One should let many things pass, without being duped.
Curse The Darkness by Thomas Dodd
Verses from the I Ching:
Ming I / Darkening of the Light (36).