Friday, April 10, 2020

The Body Count

The most craven lie was the truth 
that was never told, 
about a plague sweeping our nation, 
killing the young and the old. 
The silent deceit that fills body bags, 
adds to the dread as the numbers mount. 
Now we're running out of toe tags, 
and we're struggling with the body count. 

Quietly the menace came
but what did Trump choose?
He chose to say nothing
and he called it 'fake news.'

He distracted us with name games
and blame games and such,
but no pity for the victims.
It would have meant so much.

Yet the non-stop avalanche
of bold-faced lies,
can't drown out the sorrow
for so many lost lives. 

The silent deceit that fills body bags, 
adds to the dread as the numbers mount. 
Because now we're running out of toe tags, 
and we're still struggling with the body count.

The Body Count by ©Al Wiggins Jr.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Agents of Behemoth

As I said in The Other Side of the Styx, "In our most recent internal survey, we found that Donald Trump's greed, avarice and callous disregard...makes him 'patron number one' among the 'Patrons of Greed."

Behemoth wants everything that you will ever want or need, that's why, "Trump is making his bid to economically disenfranchise the working poor, their families, elderly voters, disabled voters and veterans can be found in all of those groups."

Since Trump is the highest-ranked agent of Behemoth, the consequences for his supporters will be many. One doesn't have to be a political scientist to understand that, "Trump promised his supporters that he would protect Social Security." The bottom line is that Trump planned to leave many of his supporters broke and destitute without healthcare or a safety net of any kind.

Who knows if Trump might have a reason to knock off some of his supporters in order to 'save the economy.' Maybe he means to take out some of his supporters while he's at it but, "remember: Nobody likes getting double-crossed, not even Trump supporters."

Last update April 10, 2020; 0023hrs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Five Points

The Five Points represent
each of the Four Sectors plus one.
It's after noon
but the countdown has long since begun.

Sector Four: The Curse of Asmodeus

Sector Three: Denizens of Zophos

Sector Two: Minions of Belial

Sector One: Agents of Behemoth

More information is coming. God bless you.

The following was posted on this day three years ago:

"Deep in the recesses of your mind
is a road map that can save you
from the fog of nothingness
where you can't tell what is true.

If your memories are erased,
or if you lose track of the days,
find your map, retrace your steps
and let your inner light lead the way." -

Road Map (Amnesia) by ©Al Wiggins Jr.

Monday, April 6, 2020

In Formation

Good morning, everyone.

Today is my first day back in the world of the very alert since my doctor told me to stay home and self-isolate. That mildly-unpleasant experience took place last month. It was also the first time ever that an emergency room wasn't a viable option for my care. So much for tradition. However, considering the gravity and the momentum of the coronavirus pandemic, I view every day as a blessing.

I went into isolation at location somewhere between my ears and behind my eyes. Why so deep? Because in real time a I'm stroke survivor over 60 and as helpless as any other elderly person against COVID-19.

Isolation gave me time to take a long hard look at the landscape. In my mind's eye I can see the light from up above and the fire down below. What I am missing is a clear picture. That picture will come in clearer tomorrow, after coffee.

Last update: April 7, 2020, 1222hrs.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The S.O.S.

Welcome to 'The Destroyer's Data Mining Project. You are at 'Ground Zero.'

I am currently sheltering in place here,
and self-isolating by request.
The location of this blog is at 'the tip of my spear,'
now here's the secret behind 'The S.O.S.'

'S.O.S' is the truncated form of my twitter designation, "Scion Of Scorpio," which you will find in the right-hand column.

'The S.O.S.,' is the the name of this never-ending blog entry. Created on April 1st, 2020, the purpose of this blog is to provide a real-time portal that serves as an interface between me, other social media platforms on the Internet, and the real world.

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