Saturday, October 24, 2015


Incoming by Al Wiggins Jr.
"A man brings about real increase by producing in himself the conditions for it, that is, through receptivity to and love of the good. Thus the thing for which comes of itself, with the inevitability of natural law. Where increase is thus in harmony with the highest laws of the universe, it cannot be prevented by any constellation of accidents. But everything depends on his not letting unexpected good fortune make him heedless; he must make it his own through inner strength and steadfastness. Then he acquires meaning before God and man, and can accomplish something for the good of the world." - The I Ching: I / Increase (42)

Ainda sou menino by Marcelo Bernardo on Facebook

Hello everyone, let me get you up to speed. The best way to do that is to go down the roster:

The poisonous parasites of
Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Ag
are coming to

Boycott the backstabbers of corporate personhood.

C.I.C.: Mister Al, a.k.a. ScionOfScorpio is the CIC and head blogger of The S.A.W.

Oya | For Women: The success of her re-release has been a pleasant surprise, only because no one had any expectations of her. Thus far the content as well as the default editing are good enough to warrant raising her to pro status early next month, if not sooner.

Gaia: Operation #Fukushima / #OpFukushima is an unqualified success in that it fulfilled its mission, which was to find all pertinent information about the Fukushima crisis and make it available to the public. In recent days, I've personally seen "exposes" published by the Wall Street Journal, in addition to the reports from and The Guardian. In fact, #OpFukushima is ready for an expansion into other environment concerns such as climate change and water pollution. Stay tuned for details.

Faceless: is now under the control of Viscount Spy a returning member of The S.A.W. Evidence from Al Wiggins Jr v. Grace Seibert-Larke and others ia already posted on the site. The blog is called, Tools & Traps. More details are coming in that site's next post.

The photo entitled Incoming was shot directly after the Lunar eclipse. From the moment that photo was taken, we began our drive toward Halloween and the Days of the Dead. By we, I mean The S.A.W.

This site is my new office. We'll get started as soon as I've recorded the copy on this site. That's what it's for. A fine example would be the following at Vote The Bums Out: