Monday, October 31, 2016

A Halloween Letter

"There are things you shouldn't do and lies you shouldn't tell, because every backstabber ever born is destined for Hell." - Mister Al
Happy Halloween.

Tonight, I am but a tear in the eye of the Absolute.  In the spirit of the evening, when spirits creep and children sleep, this letter is meant for only one demon and it is you.

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You are a king of the Underworld.  Back in 1969, someone wrote a book for you and called it a 'bible.'  In it, you included names that are not in your purview.  That inclusion was either the height of arrogance, or a very savvy political move on your part.  However, while this letter is for you, it isn't about you.

However, it is about members of your group who are known to you.  Now let's digress.

Let us discuss a priest. A priest in the Order of Nichiren Daishonin. I received Gohonzon on February 5, 1988.

A student of the Lotus Sutra, I was devoted in faith, practice and study and saw the world through that spiritual lens for a time. However, my practice represented a blend of information about esoteric spiritual practices. Though Nichiren Shoshu concentrated on the second and third chapters, soon after I installed my first shrine I was already plumbing through other chapters of the sutra.

There was one chapter in particular that had a lot of strange sounding words I'd never seen before, but I tried to say them anyway. I saw the translations, and thought nothing of them at the time. They were interesting, but that's all. At any rate I kept repeating the words until I could recite all of the prayers without pause, linking each section of the verses perfectly from beginning to end. Once I perfected my delivery, I moved on to other things.

In my early days as a lay-priest I searched for the syncretism supreme, and sought the red-thread of the Absolute that joins all living beings in spirit. the works of

Occupy Hades began on August 16, 2004, four months after the incident on the campus of Bridgewater State College that rendered me permanently disabled.

That day, I retrieved my medical records from the Counseling Center on campus because, for four months after the incident, no one from either the administration or the Counseling Center would explain why I was handcuffed and escorted to Brockton Hospital were I was forcibly hospitalized at Brockton Hospital.

Before long I saw I was getting the run-around from the Counseling Center staff. They were evasive about giving me any information, in spite of the fact that I was forcibly hospitalized. So I was forced to request all of the information they had about me on file.

It wasn't until August 16 that I was finally able to retrieve my records and read the false statements that Dr. Grace Siebert-Larke gave the Chief of Campus Police, David Tillinghast on April 15 when the incident occurred. The shocking, outrageous and erroneous statements about my character and my career In the U.S. military were stunning, but even more unbelievable was the staggering mixture of stereotypes, bigotry and bold-faced lies Dr. Siebert-Larke deployed in her attempt to complete her "diagnosis" of me.

Fast forward about ten years to the first night of Diwali

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to you, your family and friends. If you're out having fun, remember to stay safe.

This is my fifth Diwali. I'm not altogether certain about what I'm supposed to do because not many people I know celebrate Diwali or are Hindu. However, the joy is in the journey.

However, I'd like to think that in some ways celebrating Diwali is similar to celebrations of the New Year according to the Julian calendar. I remember that I would get to December 31st, contemplate my year in retrospect and hope for better days ahead.

Looking back at this year I've learned a lot about myself and I guess that's par for the course. I had much to learn while overcome with grief after I lost my brother in January of this year.

It seems fitting that Diwali this year the five-day period covers both Halloween and the Day of the Dead. The possibilities for spiritual latitude with respect to the issues of fighting and defeating sin are great.

It's taken quite a while to create this simple blog entry and be confident about what I'm doing. However I owe my newfound confidence to the fact that I read information about social media that comes from some of the most talented and creative minds on the internet. That knowledge will prove to be invaluable in the days and weeks to come.

As time goes by I hope to find more tools, tips and tricks of the trade to aid me as I tell you my stories. Whatever it takes to stay on the path of the consistent and committed, I'm willing to do. So wish me luck.

Until next time, have fun and be safe.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Synchronization Station - Part One

"Now is the time of struggle. The transition must be completed. We must make ourselves strong in resolution, this brings good fortune. All misgivings that might arise in such grave times of struggle must be silenced. It is a question of a fierce battle to break and discipline the Devil's Country, the forces of decadence. But the struggle also has it's reward. Now is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future." - The I Ching: Wei Chi / Before Completion (64).
The Living Mirror: Image by Al Wiggins Jr

Happy Diwali! I am enjoying the festival of lights in my own fashion. I hope you are having fun and staying safe, wherever in the world you may be.
Technically, it's the day before Diwali. The celebrations began on the other side of the world. Frankly, I'm just getting up to speed.
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Today is the second anniversary of the case of the bed bug mattress. We're busy picking up old momentos via Facebook and Twitter. Two years ago I was planning a little blanket party for demons on Halloween night. However, I was interrupted by the case of the bedbug mattress.

The case came with its own set of unforeseen circumstances and challenges. That notwithstanding, I made preparations before I went on hiatus through 2015. During that time, I filed a number of complaints with the Department of Justice through their Americans with Disabilities site at

As sure as lawsuits are tailor-made for lawyers,
this drama isn't over until I say it's over.

Special shout out to my anonymous friends. Those individuals who appear out of nowhere and lend assistance to good people in need of a helping hand. The men and women who are truly guardian angels for kids. Respect.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Attack Vectors: Asmodeus

"If the right people are entrusted with responsibilities, then the nation is orderly, superiors and subordinates harmonize; the officials are kind, and the common people are loyal. If the wrong people are entrusted with responsibilities, then the nation is imperiled; superiors and subordinates oppose each other; the officials are resentful, and the common people disorderly. Therefore, a single inappropriate appointment means a lifetime of trouble." - The Book of Leadership and Strategy: On State and Society.

Occupy Hades at is curation platform account in which the topic, The Curse of Asmodeus is focused on the subjects of domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment are monitored through Asmodeus. However, each topic is also a designated vector through which we syndicate posts. The Curse of Asmodeus is currently the top-ranked vector at Occupy Hades. Vectors are also used for display at Guantanamo-on-the-Styx on this blog. Guantanamo-on-the-Styx can be found at the bottom of the page in the right column.

The Curse of Asmodeus at Occupy Hades via leveled up to Gold on October 14, 2016. Gold level topics are determined by popularity, and The Curse of Asmodeus reached gold for the third time in 2016.

It's a trend that is bound to continue because misogyny is currently the hottest topic in American politics.

Powerful women from across the country are coming together in righteous indignation over the insults and deplorable behavior of Donald Trump, members of his campaign staff and his supporters.

And as long as women rise up against Donald Trump, the viewership at The Curse of Asmodeus is bound to remain high.

In addition to Asmodeus there's Behemoth, Belial and Zophos. The following our assignments for individual entities and elements of the Strategic Alliance of webmasters in relationship to and focused on these assorted and pinpointed attack vectors.

The subject of domestic violence as well as sexual assault human trafficking and other forms of abuse are front page news and probably remain popular issues until election day. I don't see a problem with asmodeus as a vector. The problem I have is with BMS and belisle. Those two vectors have underperformed consistently. In spite of the Wells Fargo scandal in spite of Royal Bank of Scotland right after that at no time have we been able to keep the numbers up. So what we're going to do is join a number of resources together in an effort to better serve those factors that are underperforming. There isn't a first of all on Tumblr that his operation warchild War child catches everything that is to go excuse me from asmodeus Sophos and Hyacinth vectors everything. Anything that does not fall in that app is distributed from the source and it's indicated differently has a bigger spread. The only way we're going to figure out if this is successful as for those underperforming vectors to get better numbers and hit the gold level. However and more importantly is the way we use these vectors to disseminate and breakdown the events that led to the case of the bed bug mattress. Since the first three recordings on SoundCloud that case has exploded into 5 separate sections. All cases have been filed with the Department of Justice. Using the paperwork from those cases in addition to Bridgewater State College where we got what we started doing this in the first place we take occupy Hades or on a test-drive we take the Destroyers on a test drive take this all on a test drive and see what does and what does not work.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Anniversary 2016

"If a time of scanty resources brings out an inner truth, one must not feel ashamed of simplicity. For simplicity is then the very thing needed to provide inner strength for further undertakings. Indeed, there need be no concern if the outward beauty of the civilization, even the elaboration of religious forms, should have to suffer because of simplicity. One must draw on the strength of the inner attitude to compensate for what is lacking in externals; then the power of the content makes up for the simplicity of form. There is no need of presenting false appearances to God. Even with slender means, the sentiment of the hear can be expressed." - The I Ching: Sun / Decrease (41)
Photo by Marcelo Bernardo

Today is the anniversary of my own private occupy. It was originally called Occupy BlipFm, but I changed the name to Occupy Hades a few years ago.

I first created this occupy because I worried about the students who were rising up at the time. Specifically, my concern was for the health and welfare of the students who were staging sit-ins and protests on campuses around the country. Because of my experiences at Bridgewater State College, I knew what it was like to have my civil rights violated and be falsely imprisoned with no advocate and no support from the campus community. More importantly, I knew of the pitfalls that students on campus might face should their administrators turn against them.

And so I decided to occupy an online radio station. I didn't know how to create one of my own at the time so I created an occupy at the music streaming website,

Just like anything else worth doing, in the beginning it was a lot of work. After a while, I began to have fun with my new endeavor. I connected with some very interesting people and learned a lot about the world by reading other people's stories. However I had little control over the content that I wanted to program and share. So I begin to wander around different sites connected with Eventually I chose to stuck with Twitter and Facebook.

From the time I arrived at Twitter, in what I call occupy mode, I saw it was a much different situation than simply being on a website for the sake of meeting people or seeking a job. I immediately liked the OWS movement because people were always reaching out to each other and freely sharing information. The compelling stories I read and heard led me to believe that what was taking place wasn't merely a passing fad.

Furthermore, before Occupy Wall Street I was basically just a shut-in trying to rejoin the game of life via the web. However, OWS gave the web a brand new meaning because I found a purpose. I realized that there were a lot of people in this country, just like me, who didn't have a voice before Occupy Wall Street. Some were disabled veterans who found advocates via the Occupy Wall Street movement. I too am a disabled veteran.

As I've told others many times before, a campus doctor's fraud rendered me disabled. Before the hoax, concocted by a campus psychologist, I was a stroke survivor trying to avoid disability. When I had my stroke I was still in college and so desperate to stay in school that I basically willed myself back to health with a lot of help from my primary care physician at the time. In fact, I avoided disability for a long time because I was able to keep moving forward while and stay in school though I was sick.

However, on April 15th 2004, all of that changed. While I was in college and fighting to stay off of disability, I was just fine. Yet once I was forcibly hospitalized at the behest of a dishonest doctor, that very day I became a disabled man. I'm still not sure exactly how I became disabled. I reported to class that day and I had no problems but, by the end of the day, my dreams of graduating from college were destroyed.

It is taken many years since that fateful day to unravel the hoax that was created for me. I was enraged when I first saw the doctor's notes, and the stereotypes she used to justify her actions. After I calmed down those notes took on a much greater meaning. I slowly realized to my horror that any veteran could be hospitalized simply by showing up to campus and reporting to class. That's all I did the day I was handcuffed and taken away by campus police.

So it's not enough to say that I demand justice. Yes, I may be disabled for the rest of my life. No, I may never have an opportunity to engage in gainful employment. However, what I can do is warn veterans about the possible pitfalls that await them. This project isn't about gloom and doom. This is just an account of my efforts to be a productive member of society, and of my ongoing efforts to finally get my degree.

Another reason this project so important to me and has been so important since my lawsuit against Bridgewater State College, is that I wasn't the only student to be forcibly hospitalized on that campus. I don't know if the other students were veterans. I don't even know their names or who they were. But through the process of discovery I found out to my horror that there was a total of five students who were forcibly hospitalized. Three were men of color, and two were white women.

God forbid that any of them where were veterans of our military. If they were, then I want my voice to be the one to tell of the pain that forced hospitalization and false imprisonment can inflict. More importantly, someone must explain how a doctor can create patients out of thin air using stereotypes about service members and the bold-faced lies.

The series Set Up To Fail isn't only about my experience as a veteran on a college campus. It also includes stories of, what I believe is, the discrimination I endured at the hands of people who are paid to help people get back on their feet after they become disabled.

If nothing else, this project will allow me to eventually put down the ghosts of a nightmare long past, so I don't have live out my existence as a spectator of life. Finally, I hope to help somebody, besides myself, overcome the unfair, unjust and evil acts of low minded individuals of power and influence who neglect their duties and serve no one but themselves.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Unknown Student by © Al Wiggins Jr

"If even a good priest sees someone slandering the Law and disregards him, failing to reproach him, to oust him or to punish him for his offense, then that priest is betraying Buddhism.

But if he takes the slanderer severely to task, drives him off or punishes him, then he is my disciple and one who truly understands my teachings."
Shakyamuni Buddha
Photo by ©Al Wiggins Jr
Medical professionals
so full of knowledge
broke the law one day
at Bridgewater State College.

First came the slander,
then to hedge their bets,
they made sure to deprive me
of all due process.

Incorrigible, and heaping
sin upon sin, upon sin.
Three furies set a trap
for an unsuspecting man.

A doctor sent the police
looking for a wild beast.
Instead what they found
was a law-abiding priest.

This is for the unknown student.

The student who doesn't know that
on campus there are two sets of rules.
There's the set in the student handbook
and the other set that's hidden from view.

The student who doesn't know
about the hidden law,
can easily be victimized
due to that fatal flaw.

It doesn't matter if that student
honorably served our nation.
Any veteran can be a victim
of character assassination.

For when a doctor lies
no student is safe.
Before the student can react
the doctor can escape.

With the help of co-workers
the guilty can stay masked.
While the administration
simply takes you to task.

For when a social worker
is jaded and corrupt,
access and accommodations
are easy to disrupt.

Another doctor can repeat
any lie about you
then legitimize the hoax
by calling it a review.

So if you become disabled on campus
the way it happened to me
you can be refused all help
and simply be turned away.

When administrators
take no responsibilty,
for school employee

they become liars
with cowardly hearts
and will protect those
that do their parts.

The Unknown Student by © Al Wiggins Jr

Joe Madison - Ret. Marine Talks About Suicide Rate Among Veterans

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Out of Silence

"In the time of GATHERING TOGETHER, we should make no arbitrary choice of the way. There are secret forces at work, leading together those who belong together. We must yield to this attraction; then we make no mistakes.

Where inner relationships exist, no great preparations and formalities are necessary. People understand one another forthwith, just as the Divinity graciously accepts a small offering if it comes from the heart." - The I Ching: Ts'ui / Gathering Together (45).
It took a while, but I finally solved our syndication problem. In September, discontinued the RSS feeds from their curation sites. It was my connection to Hootsuite, then onto Facebook and Twitter. However, Operation WarChild / #OpWarchild was shifted to and from there is linked up via Hootsuite to Facebook.

I usually deployed these attack vectors with names. In other words occupy Haiti's under herukhuti on Google is an attack vector. Every feed is an attack Vector but every relevant feed that is deployed has an a which comes with certain attributes.

Right now my job is to bring these different forms of media together you know how they call it multimedia bringing all the pieces together. In order not to overthink this new template all that is required is a sampling of Select articles and embeds from various sectors to fill out the columns. In addition there is a partial mirror feed on Google. It carries the name Coco tea.

Each attack Factor has its own unique path its own unique attributes. What I am going to do is go to Beach menu and point out the attributes as well as the the parameters.

The fifth anniversary of our occupy is on the 11th of October. The idea at this point for this blog is to simply just do it and avoid dead air as much as possible. However changes must be made.

I like to acknowledge Jeff bullas Steve stack and Neil Patel the knowledge they invited me to their house.