Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Five Points

The Five Points represent
each of the Four Sectors plus one.
It's after noon
but the countdown has long since begun.

Sector Four: The Curse of Asmodeus

Sector Three: Denizens of Zophos

Sector Two: Minions of Belial

Sector One: Agents of Behemoth

More information is coming. God bless you.

The following was posted on this day three years ago:

"Deep in the recesses of your mind
is a road map that can save you
from the fog of nothingness
where you can't tell what is true.

If your memories are erased,
or if you lose track of the days,
find your map, retrace your steps
and let your inner light lead the way." -

Road Map (Amnesia) by ©Al Wiggins Jr.