Saturday, October 29, 2016

Synchronization Station - Part One

"Now is the time of struggle. The transition must be completed. We must make ourselves strong in resolution, this brings good fortune. All misgivings that might arise in such grave times of struggle must be silenced. It is a question of a fierce battle to break and discipline the Devil's Country, the forces of decadence. But the struggle also has it's reward. Now is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future." - The I Ching: Wei Chi / Before Completion (64).
The Living Mirror: Image by Al Wiggins Jr

Happy Diwali! I am enjoying the festival of lights in my own fashion. I hope you are having fun and staying safe, wherever in the world you may be.
Technically, it's the day before Diwali. The celebrations began on the other side of the world. Frankly, I'm just getting up to speed.
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Today is the second anniversary of the case of the bed bug mattress. We're busy picking up old momentos via Facebook and Twitter. Two years ago I was planning a little blanket party for demons on Halloween night. However, I was interrupted by the case of the bedbug mattress.

The case came with its own set of unforeseen circumstances and challenges. That notwithstanding, I made preparations before I went on hiatus through 2015. During that time, I filed a number of complaints with the Department of Justice through their Americans with Disabilities site at

As sure as lawsuits are tailor-made for lawyers,
this drama isn't over until I say it's over.

Special shout out to my anonymous friends. Those individuals who appear out of nowhere and lend assistance to good people in need of a helping hand. The men and women who are truly guardian angels for kids. Respect.