Monday, April 20, 2015

Portals and Conduits - Taurus Gate

Enter the Taurus Gate.
As deeds come to completion.
Let the pressure build.
Do not seek to alter
Destiny's will.

The Living Mirror:
A gateway between realms
from the invisible

to the visible.
The vehicle is
the spoken word.

Occupy Hades:
The Road to Hell ends here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Separation of Powers

Thus the kings of antiquity
Bestowed the different states as fiefs
And cultivated friendly relations
With the feudal lords."
From the I Ching: Pi / Holding Together

These are the new assignments for The S.A.W.: and will join at
Once G-Pa shifts, Faceless will take over
Operation WarChild (#OpWarChild)
at (

Once TheSwarm shifts,
will cloak and get a facelift.
There'll be more updates as
the new changes take hold.

"There are things you shouldn't do,and lies you shouldn't tell,because every backstabber ever born is destined for Hell." - Mister Al

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Moving Forward

All major updates come courtesy of
The Mineshaft
until further notice.

Consolidation Station - Status Report

"What is required is that we unite with others
in order that all may complement and aid one another

through holding together.
But such holding together calls for a central figure
around whom others may unite."
Verses from the I Ching:
Pi / Holding Together.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Consolidation Station
Photo by Marcelo Bernardo
I pause and take a last look at the horizon,
then descend into this mineshaft of my own making
to join the many others laboring in the distant darkness.
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
As outer skies turn dark without incident
the weather in the shaft is inclement.
The rain pours without mercy
and there's no compass to view.
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
But it's hard to navigate the dark without a clue
unless you get one yourself or,
someone gives one to you.
Curse The Darkness by Thomas Dodd
Here's the latest update:
Occupy Hades is now:
In other news,
I have a job to do.
It's called writing reviews
(an endeavor for which I'm way overdue).
My list is called Red Alert
and it can be found below.
I will do all I can to make it shrink
but expect it to grow.

Occupy Hades on tumblr
Photo by Al Wiggins Jr
is now under new management.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Possessions in Great Measure

The shark-fin in the middle of this pic
is the guy who's writing this blog:
It's been a while since I last encountered
a bold-faced liar with credentials in healthcare
who was hoping to manufacture a nightmare in modern medicine
for an unwitting veteran simply minding his own business in the privacy
of his abode.

Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta
This is the point at which words & deeds
from the past

are reconciled with that which is real
in the here and now.

"Possession in great measure is determined by fate and accords with the time.

The time is favorable--a time of strength within,
clarity and culture without. 
Power is expressing
itself in a graceful and controlled way.
This brings supreme success wealth." - 
The I Ching:  Ta Yu / Possession in Great Measure (14).

Friday, April 3, 2015

Status Report

"We should not worry and seek to shape the future
 by interfering in tings before the time is ripe.  
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta
We should quiety fortify the body with food and drink
 and the mind with gladness and good cheer.
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta  
Fate comes when it will, and thus we are ready."
 - The I Ching:  Hsu / Waiting (Nourishment) (5).

Currently online: with the Five-Point, automatic news feed.
No matter what:  Keep building.

The flaming five:
connected to
the core of
The Hive
  Most Expert at Cover-ups.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Karma of Zero

Occupy Hades (Is it real or fiction?)

A strange awakening.
Early in the morning, the word came with the dawn,
and at that time preparations for conflict began.
Image via Adriana Janaina 
Great numbers of legions unknown
are uncovering and revealing themselves
on the Field of Action.

For the sake of children worldwide
we align ourselves with a solitary hope:
We hope to make a difference.
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta

This is a template sublime, in time,
As above, so below and keep in rhyme.
This is a new format.
So let's see where it's at.

The Veil of the Soul
at the Core of The Hive

"Priests are the intermediaries between men and Gods; 
magicians serve as the intermediaries between gods and men.  
Here we have penetration of the realms of the visible and the invisible, 
whereby it becomes possible for everything to be set right." - The I Ching:  
Sun / The Gentle (Penetrating, Wind).
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta