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The Mineshaft

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Incoming by Al Wiggins Jr.
"A man brings about real increase by producing in himself the conditions for it, that is, through receptivity to and love of the good. Thus the thing for which comes of itself, with the inevitability of natural law. Where increase is thus in harmony with the highest laws of the universe, it cannot be prevented by any constellation of accidents. But everything depends on his not letting unexpected good fortune make him heedless; he must make it his own through inner strength and steadfastness. Then he acquires meaning before God and man, and can accomplish something for the good of the world." - The I Ching: I / Increase (42)

Ainda sou menino by Marcelo Bernardo on Facebook

Hello everyone, let me get you up to speed. The best way to do that is to go down the roster:

The poisonous parasites of
Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Ag
are coming to

Boycott the backstabbers of corporate personhood.

C.I.C.: Mister Al, a.k.a. ScionOfScorpio is the CIC and head blogger of The S.A.W.

Oya | For Women: The success of her re-release has been a pleasant surprise, only because no one had any expectations of her. Thus far the content as well as the default editing are good enough to warrant raising her to pro status early next month, if not sooner.

Gaia: Operation #Fukushima / #OpFukushima is an unqualified success in that it fulfilled its mission, which was to find all pertinent information about the Fukushima crisis and make it available to the public. In recent days, I've personally seen "exposes" published by the Wall Street Journal, in addition to the reports from and The Guardian. In fact, #OpFukushima is ready for an expansion into other environment concerns such as climate change and water pollution. Stay tuned for details.

Faceless: is now under the control of Viscount Spy a returning member of The S.A.W. Evidence from Al Wiggins Jr v. Grace Seibert-Larke and others ia already posted on the site. The blog is called, Tools & Traps. More details are coming in that site's next post.

The photo entitled Incoming was shot directly after the Lunar eclipse. From the moment that photo was taken, we began our drive toward Halloween and the Days of the Dead. By we, I mean The S.A.W.

This site is my new office. We'll get started as soon as I've recorded the copy on this site. That's what it's for. A fine example would be the following at Vote The Bums Out:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The origin of The Host of The Destroyers and The Pointman are contained in the case files of: Alfred Wiggins Jr. v. Bridgewater State College (now Bridgewater State University) in Bridgewater, MA.

"Destroyer rhymes with lawyer for a reason." - Mister Al
Occupy Hades: Is it real, or fiction?

Here's the latest updates at The Strategic Alliance of Webmasters: The S.A.W.

G-Pa: Webmaster at

The Case of the Bedbug Mattress (Providence Police Department number 14-108502) is currently in litigation.

We are currently working to get Karmic Radio productions and back on track.  We're in a new, larger studio but we've had equipment issues, such as the equipment that I broke while attempting to troubleshoot.


While adjusting to our new situation we've found it easier to work with mobile apps, but some processes require more than just a phone.  So we expect reinforcements soon.

This blog is about the various projects and operations in what is currently called, The Strategic Alliance of Webmasters: The S.A.W.  We at The Destroyers Data which is hosted here in its entirety.

So without further ado, let's finish roll call beginning with dedicated and personalized domains.

The S.A.W. at

Friday, September 11, 2015

Patriot Day

Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
"Water flows to unite with water, because all parts of it are subject to the same laws. So too should human society hold together through a community of interests that allows each individual to feel himself a member of a whole. The central power of a social organization must see to it that every member finds that his true interest lies in holding together with it,..." - The I Ching: Pi / Holding Together (8).

"Where men are to be gathered together, religious forces are needed.

But there must also be a human leader to serve as the center of the group.

In order to be able to bring others together, this leader must first of all be collected within himself.

Only collective moral force can unite the world.

Such great times of unification will leave great achievements behind them.

This is the sigificance of the great offerings that are made.

In the secular sphere likewise there is a need of great deeds in the time of GATHERING TOGETHER."
The I Ching: Ts'ui / Gathering Together (45).

Never forget.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Occupy Hades: The Paradigm Shift

"The penetrating quality of the wind depends upon its ceaselessness. 
This is what makes it so powerful; time is its instrument.
In the same way the ruler's thought should penetrate the soul of the people. 
This too requires a lasting influence brought about by enlightenment and command.
Photo via Adriana Poeta Janaina on Facebook
Only when the command has been assimilated by the people
is action in accordance with it possible.  
Action without preparation of the ground only frightens and repels." 

The I Ching: Sun / The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind) (57)
The Flaming Five of The Hive

I received the following article today via email alert,
then passed it on via The Student Union.

After checking in at The Student Union, Mister Al found the following report:

Mister Al & Viscount Spy are currently preparing Faceless for the next phase of #OpBridgewater. 

Additionally, The Hive at
partially deployed the Veil of the Soul
in tonight's edition of The Swarm.
All five points should appear in tomorrow's edition.
Photo: The Veil of the Soul by © Al Wiggins Jr
Priest and Hyacinth will continue the morning sweeps 
via The Hive at Operation Hyacinth. 

Using The Hive in a spread pattern affords all participants
maximum speed and flexibility during data mining operations
and enhances the quality of news gathering efforts.

The Swarm at is now delivered
to Facebook via The Destroyers.
The new version features Backstabber Watch
at the top of the page.
The combination is called, "The Tip of the Spear."

Check out what's buzzing at
Karmic Radio on

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Occupy Hades: Current Operations

"Changes ought to be undertaken only
when there is nothing else to be done.
Therefore at first the utmost restraint
is necessary.
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
One must become firm in one's mind,
control oneself...and refrain from doing
anything for the time being,
because any premature offensive
will bring evil results."

The I Ching: Ko / Revolution (49).

The Flaming Five of The Hive
In the past few weeks the number of sites that comprise The S.A.W. at shrunk as Occupy Hades at evolved. The S.A.W. consists of Priest, Mister Al, G-Pa, The Hive and Karmic Radio. This latest configuration works well and all five elements are consistently active.

Today's configuration represents an effective and preferred alternative to, powered by Blogger. G-Pa operated as a sole pointman with multiple feeds but continually struggled to keep pace with Mister Al, Operation DejaVu at

This morning, Priest, The Veil of the Soul via Operation Hyacinth at and Mister Al deployed a new information-gathering regime. The configuration puts the resources of The Hive in a spread pattern, allowing both Priest and Mister Al enough flexibility during data mining operations to support #OpHyacinth.

We intend to monitor The Hive more closely in the coming months, and deploy it more effectively through select issues already identified in Operation DejaVu (#OpDejaVu). We hope to continue the success we've had with Operation Hyacinth (#OpHyacinth) thus far, and look forward to spreading the new methodology to Operation Fukushima (#OpFukushima) and eventually The Swarm at

As for Faceless at, we're focusing our original sound production projects on Operation Bridgewater. We 're extending the scope of this endeavor through The Mirror of Sound on MixCloud and G-Pa on twitter. All that's left is to produce and release the pilot via Karmic Radio on SoundCloud. Wait for it.

The Host
Occupy Hades

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Seventh Day

"The leader should be
in the midst of his army,
in touch with it, sharing good and bad
with the masses he leads.
This alone makes him equal
to the heavy demands made upon him.
He needs also the recognition of the ruler.
Photo via Marcelo Bernardo de Oliveira on Facebook

The decorations he receives are justified,
because there is no question of
personal preferment here:
the whole army, whose center he is,
is honored in his person."
The I Ching: Shih / The Army (7)

Photo via Buddha - The Path to Peace on Facebook
 News of the Week:
Backstabber Watch and PSYOP
won Gold Badge awards from
within days of each other.
The Flaming Five of the Hive

The following is a list of updates implemented this week via The Destroyers:

The S.A.W. is smaller by half. G-Pa on, Priest and Mister Al at, The Hive at and Karmic Radio at comprise the current configuration of sites at (powered by Rebel Mouse). still functions as the communications hub.

Our newest addition is Occupy Hades (powered by Rebel Mouse). Occupy Hades includes, Icchantika at, which is hosted at The has a connection to Occupy Hades, called The Mineshaft. is currently under construction and should be completed by the end of the coming week.  Faceless is tentatively designated as a standalone site for the Scion of Scorpio and Operation Bridgewater / #OpBridgewater. Stay tuned for more details.

The Founder


The road to Hell passes through Occupy Hades.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Pause For The Cause
The Flaming Five of The Hive
"When a man has learned within his heart 
what fear and trembling mean, 
he is safe guarded against any terror 
produced by outside influences. 
Let the thunder roll 
and spread terror for miles around: 
he remains so composed 
and reverent in spirit that the sacrificial rite 
is not interrupted. 
Blue by ©Marcelo Bernardo.
This is the spirit 
that must animate leaders 
and rulers of men 
- a profound inner seriousness 
from which all outer terrors 
glance off harmlessly."
 The I Ching:
Chien / The Arousing (Shock, Thunder) (51).
Photo by Ed Fairburn, via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook.
"The eyes are the windows to the soul
but there are many pathways within the mind.
Photo by Loui Jover via Adriana Janaina Poeta

The journeys you've taken in your life
comprise the road map that leads you
into the deepest parts of your memories.
Home of The Strategic Alliance of Webmasters: The S.A.W.
 Powered by RebelMouse
 Should anything happen to rob you 
of you of your road map.
Retrace your paths
and follow your footsteps
no matter where they may lead."
Road Map by ©Al Wiggins Jr.

Brand new from Marilyn Freeman on SoundCloud

Karmic Radio on SoundCloud:

It's time for something new.

Deep and Chill, Fresh and New:  Eddy J

"We do not forgive, we do not forget.  Expect Us." 

Operation Bridgewater Engaged

Friday, July 3, 2015

Cusp of Cancer - The Clinging

"What is dark clings to what is light 
and so enhances the brightness of the latter. 
A luminous thing giving out light 
must have within itself something that perseveres; 
otherwise it will in time burn itself out. 
Everything that gives light 
is dependent on something to which it clings, 
in order that it may continue to shine."
 The I Ching:  Li / The Clinging, Fire (30).
Image via Adriana Poeta Janaina on Facebook.
The Faceless MPs


Mister Al



The Hive

La Coscienza by Nicolas Francois CHIFFART via Adriana Poeta Janaina on Facebook.
With the cusp of Cancer came
The Clinging:
The time when the ugly lights of scrutiny
shine down upon the evil acts of men and women
until the while hot truth burns through all illusions
and all that is sinister within sinners
is revealed.
Photo via Marcelo Bernardo De Oliveira on Facebook.
"If good does not accumulate,
it is not enough to make a name for a man.
If evil does not accumulate,
it is not enough to destroy a man.
Therefore, the inferior man thinks to himself,
"Goodness in small things has no value,"
and so neglects it.
He thinks, "Small sins do no harm,"
and so does not give them up.
Thus his sins accumulate
until they can no longer be covered up,
and his guilt becomes so great
that it can no longer be wiped out."

 Operation Bridgewater / #OpBridgewater
via Agents of Satan
The guilty may not occupy jail, occupy prison, or occupy the penitentiary, but they will occupy shame.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Five Points

"Now it is the time of struggle. The transition must be completed. We must make ourselves strong in resolution; this brings good fortune. All misgivings that might arise in such grave times must be silenced. It is a question of a fierce battle to break and to discipline the Devil's Country, the forces of decadence. But the struggle has its reward. Now is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future."
The I Ching: Wei Chi / Before Completion (64).
Dana Mohler-Faria, a.k.a. Satan's Wet Dream

We're currently laying the Facebook feed for
The Mineshaft. The picture

Saturday, May 23, 2015

All Stop

"A man in an authoritative position to whom others look up must always be ready for self-examination. The right sort of self-examination, however, consists not in idle brooding over oneself but in examining the effects one produces. Only when these effects are good, and when one's influence on others is good, will the contemplation of one's own life bring the satisfaction of knowing oneself to be free of mistakes."
From the I Ching: Kuan / Contemplation (View) (20).
In the astrological wheel of the year,
today marks the end of
the Taurus-Gemini cusp 2015
(May 17 to May 23).

It is during this cusp that wise folk
take pause and reflect
upon the progress achieved
since the Vernal Equinox.

This is the time when plans
for the summer take hold.

The Mineshaft is ready for data mining.
With case numbers in hand,
we will see what develops as
we uncover new information.

"Expect Us." - Anonymous

Here's the latest status report for:
The Destroyers are currently
consolidating resources in-house
while expanding the scope of
the elements that comprise
The S.A.W.
(The Strategic Alliance of Webmasters)

The S.A.W. is:
Mister Al
Occupy Hades

The Hive

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Gulag Will Not Wait

One day a school doctor lied on my name.
She didn't know me, but lied all the same.
First she profiled me by "race,"
with all the details neatly in place.

The quack chose to break the law
when she refused to examine me.
But she had to cover her tracks,
so she created an "emergency."

The doctor fooled the campus police
by portraying me as a threat
to the rest of the campus community
because I'm an Army vet.

She wanted to insure
the police put me in handcuffs.
So with profiles and stereotypes
the doctor set me up.
If you're going back to school
pay attention to this rhyme.
Your civil rights can be subverted
at any given time.
The location of this outrage
was Bridgewater State
and when the doctor made the call
The gulag would not wait.

Dr. Grace Siebert-Larke
wouldn't look me in the eye.
She didn't want to face
the victim of her lie.

With an imaginary psychosis
I'll never understand,
and a fraudulent diagnosis
she committed an innocent man.

The doctor said I would take money
from my student loans
to buy items to hurt people
I didn't even know.

Vilification and slander
came out of the doctor's mouth
when she lied to the Chief of Campus Police
but didn't know what she was talking about.

So if you plan to go back to school
pay attention to this rhyme.
Your civil rights can be subverted
at any given time.
The location of this outrage
was Bridgewater State
and when the doctor made the call
The gulag would not wait.

When I tried to follow up
her co-workers abused my trust.
When I remember how I was treated
I'm still filled with disgust.

Withholding information
must be one of the perks
for unethical individuals
engaged in social work.

I got no accommodations
and I got no advocacy
from Counseling Center personnel
after they ambushed me.

I only needed two classes
in order to graduate,
but the ordeal left me disabled
so I'm setting the record straight.
If you're going back to school
pay attention to this rhyme.
Your civil rights can be subverted
at any given time.
The location of this outrage
was Bridgewater State
where if the doctor makes the call
the gulag will not wait.

The Gulag (Will Not Wait), by Al Wiggins Jr.
Originally written in 2009.
Inspired by the curious case of
Al Wiggins Jr. v. Bridgewater State College
(now Bridgewater State University),
Bridgewater, MA;
Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Superior Court: PLCV2007-00492.

Os Amorais by Adriana Janaina Poeta

Image - Destino, Salvador Dali

Os Amorais

Os amorais são pessoas estranhas...
Vivem entre a multidão
como erva daninha,
espinho que não protege
mas existe para ser descoberto,
percebido e revelado,
como algo que se oculta
apenas a olhos não treinados.

Os amorais são pessoas também comuns,
não apenas encontrados nas esferas de poder,
mas certamente convivendo entre eles,
porque dinheiro e poder,
são seus vícios e os subterfúgios
por onde enveredam vida afora,
enquanto corrompem, articulam,
desviam, atrasam,
na sanha insana de beber a taça almejada,
ou seja, a maldade pura
e a inveja ardente misturadas.

Entenda, os amorais tem a alma vazia,
os laços de afeto e o sentido de justiça
e verdade, são preteridos
em detrimento do que há de mais vil.
Família, infância, amor verdadeiro,
propriedade alheia, decência,
direito do próximo, honra e dignidade,
não habitam sua esfera de valores e atributos.

Como seres alheios a moral e ao bem comum,
seja da família ou da sociedade,
são mais nocivos do que ratos,
já que estes últimos tem uma razão
na cadeia alimentar para existir.

Do que são feito os amorais?
Como surgem, de onde vem?...
Talvez surjam e se alimentem
da mão que dá ou da bolsa
que recebe a propina,
da troca de favores que prejudica a terceiros,
do olhar que amaldiçoa
enquanto a palavra é camuflada e distorcida,
sempre com o objetivo de enganar,
separar, corromper, destruir.

Os amorais sempre encontram,
um dia, o desafio para a sua escalada
de luxúria e maldade,
porque todo ser humano,
ainda que em níveis mais profundos,
conhece a força e o poder libertador e iluminado
da verdade, do que é justo e correto.
Este é o sentido grego,
e ainda mais antigo,
para esta Ordem Cósmica que permeia
todo o Universo,
do qual nenhum ser escapa.
Ouso dizer que nós intuímos e percebemos,
sentimos o seu cheiro.

Como tudo que se aprimora
para iludir e corromper,
causar enganos,
os amorais vestem sempre a capa do cordeiro,
nunca se apresentam como lobos.
Faz parte do seu circo particularmente engendrado ,
ter sempre a desculpa perfeita,
apesar das provas e fatos.

Assim, são aqueles que abusam da criança
e a acusam de mentir ou ter incitado,
os que roubam e alegam boas razões,
os que insistem nas mentiras,
persistem nas tramóias,
vestindo a capa do anjo,
embora os seus pés estejam sujos de lama,
os que fazem favores contrariando
leis e atrasando decisões,
a custo de mais prejuízos e riscos
para crianças indefesas,
apenas para tentar fazer
o que é errado parecer correto.

Os amorais detestam quem lhes opõem caminho,
quem os enxerga como são,
estão acostumados a viver nas sombras,
a vestir a pele que não lhes pertence,
fingindo ser o que nunca serão,
sendo este câncer que foge da exposição
por ter a cura facilitada e apressada
diante de uma alma correta,
de caráter justo e persistente.

Não se engane,
os amorais estão entre nós,
rindo, vertendo lágrimas fabricadas
pela cupidez e a perfídia,
são alheios as leis e subvertem sempre
a verdade e o bom senso,
são seres nocivos a sociedade e ao bem comum,
porque sabem fingir como ninguém,
envolvendo muitas vezes quem não compartilha
da sua natureza vil,
mas não lhe opõe resistência.

São estes seres estranhos
a causa principal de tantos crimes
e da corrupção latente
que incomoda e divide,
perturba e tenta manchar,
atentando contra tudo o que é belo e puro,
perfeito e correto,
verdadeiro e justo.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary

"A place of transition has been reached, and free choice can enter in. A twofold possibility is presented...: he can soar to the heights and play an important part in the world, or he can withdraw into solitude and develop himself. He can go the way of the hero, or that of the holy sage who seeks seclusion.

There is no general law to say which of the two is the right way. Each one in this situation must make a free choice according to the inner law of his being. If the individual acts consistently and is true to himself, he will find the way that is appropriate for him. This way is right for him and without blame."
From the I Ching: Ch'ien / The Creative (1).
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta
Four years ago today, 
I ended a forty-five day stint of homelessness
on the streets of Providence, RI.
It was the longest I'd ever been
without a place of my own to call home.
Too sick to care for myself properly,
I was forced to live in between
the cracks of society.
Sometimes I would sleep in my car,
sometimes at a hotel
and other times
at a homeless shelter.
I spent much of my time
putting my life back together,
piece by piece,
all the while hoping
that I wouldn't run out of time
before I was able to achieve
a complete recovery
from the stroke I suffered in 2000.
However, what I've been able to do
is create something new
that contributes in a positive way
to the lives of others
in need of support and guidance. 
I have been blessed
to live long enough
to rise up out of the morass
that was created for me
by a series of untoward events
that I never saw coming. 
Though I once feared
dying alone without
anyone to know my story,
now my health is better,
my mind is clearer,

and it's time to move on.