Thursday, February 8, 2018

At Ground Zero

"Much love and respect to my Anonymous friends on Facebook and Twitter. In particular, the Anonymous Inner Circle, the Warrior Angels and Anon Against Abuse. Also, much respect and gratitude to Audra Rastonis, and anyone who's put in work with Operation ScareCrow. As for all the other Anons fighting the good fight online and in real time, you rock. Seriously." - Mister Al. 😎

In cyberspace and in real time, it's all about location, location, location. The tools I use to communicate with you are with me wherever I go. That's why the name of this blog, is "Ground Zero." Ground Zero is hosted by Occupy Hades at

This website is designed to facilitate the syndication of the various news feeds, websites and publications that comprise elements of The Destroyer's Data Mining Project (DDMP).

Articles, stories and blog entries that were previously published at other websites within the DDMP will be reposted and archived periodically, and in context, on this blog.

Salve Jorge/Salve Ogum by Marcelo Bernardo
Here's a message from one of our Facebook friends:

"My Facebook is sometimes invaded and racketed. My posts are entirely devoted to Arts, Literature, Poetry and Citizenship. I do not post, share or send offensive, pornographic or ideological messages, defending political characters. If you read something like that, it was not me. Please, warn me. I respect everyone who accompanies my work. Respect to all. I wish for a blessed Friday. Kisses, hugs, love ... "

Adriana Janaína Poeta
Creator and publisher of
the Poetry Reading Club

Don't go where you shouldn't go.
Don't do what you shouldn't do.
Don't make the authorities come looking you.
To whom it may concern:
Help find the predators who won't leave our kids be.
Let's catch 'em, lock 'em up and throw away the keys.
Welcome to Ground Zero.