Friday, February 11, 2022

Backstabber Watch

What are worthless and wicked people like? They are constant liars. Proverbs 6:12 (NLT)
 The etymology of the word is often understood as "lacking worth", from two common words: beli- (בְּלִי "without-") and ya'al ( יָעַל "to be of value").
""Belial" is applied to ideas, words, and counsel, to calamitous circumstances, and most frequently, to worthless men of the lowest sort, such as general who stir up contention." - Wikipedia: Belial/Hebrew Bible.
Ah, you destroyer, who yourself have not been destroyed, you traitor, whom none has betrayed! When you have ceased to destroy, you will be destroyed; and when you have finished betraying, they will betray you. - Isaiah 33:1 (ESV)
Image: 'Enter Scorpius' by Al Wiggins Jr.