Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Karma of Zero

Occupy Hades (Is it real or fiction?)

A strange awakening.
Early in the morning, the word came with the dawn,
and at that time preparations for conflict began.
Image via Adriana Janaina 
Great numbers of legions unknown
are uncovering and revealing themselves
on the Field of Action.

For the sake of children worldwide
we align ourselves with a solitary hope:
We hope to make a difference.
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta

This is a template sublime, in time,
As above, so below and keep in rhyme.
This is a new format.
So let's see where it's at.

The Veil of the Soul
at the Core of The Hive

"Priests are the intermediaries between men and Gods; 
magicians serve as the intermediaries between gods and men.  
Here we have penetration of the realms of the visible and the invisible, 
whereby it becomes possible for everything to be set right." - The I Ching:  
Sun / The Gentle (Penetrating, Wind).
Image via Adriana Janaina Poeta