Thursday, April 9, 2020

Agents of Behemoth

As I said in The Other Side of the Styx, "In our most recent internal survey, we found that Donald Trump's greed, avarice and callous disregard...makes him 'patron number one' among the 'Patrons of Greed."

Behemoth wants everything that you will ever want or need, that's why, "Trump is making his bid to economically disenfranchise the working poor, their families, elderly voters, disabled voters and veterans can be found in all of those groups."

Since Trump is the highest-ranked agent of Behemoth, the consequences for his supporters will be many. One doesn't have to be a political scientist to understand that, "Trump promised his supporters that he would protect Social Security." The bottom line is that Trump planned to leave many of his supporters broke and destitute without healthcare or a safety net of any kind.

Who knows if Trump might have a reason to knock off some of his supporters in order to 'save the economy.' Maybe he means to take out some of his supporters while he's at it but, "remember: Nobody likes getting double-crossed, not even Trump supporters."

Last update April 10, 2020; 0023hrs.