Occupy Hades

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Seventh Day

"The leader should be
in the midst of his army,
in touch with it, sharing good and bad
with the masses he leads.
This alone makes him equal
to the heavy demands made upon him.
He needs also the recognition of the ruler.
Photo via Marcelo Bernardo de Oliveira on Facebook

The decorations he receives are justified,
because there is no question of
personal preferment here:
the whole army, whose center he is,
is honored in his person."
The I Ching: Shih / The Army (7)

Photo via Buddha - The Path to Peace on Facebook
 News of the Week:
Backstabber Watch and PSYOP
won Gold Badge awards from Scoop.it
within days of each other.

The Flaming Five of the Hive

The following is a list of updates implemented this week via The Destroyers:

The S.A.W. is smaller by half. G-Pa on twitter.com, Priest and Mister Al at Scoop.it, The Hive at paper.li and Karmic Radio at Soundcloud.com comprise the current configuration of sites at TheSwarm.us (powered by Rebel Mouse). TheSwarm.us still functions as the communications hub.

Our newest addition is Occupy Hades (powered by Rebel Mouse). Occupy Hades includes Faceless.info, Icchantika at OccupyHell.us, which is hosted at Tumblr.com. The Destroyers.info has a connection to Occupy Hades, called The Mineshaft.

Faceless.info is currently under construction and should be completed by the end of the coming week.  Faceless is tentatively designated as a standalone site for the Scion of Scorpio and Operation Bridgewater / #OpBridgewater. Stay tuned for more details.

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