Friday, October 7, 2016

The Unknown Student by © Al Wiggins Jr

"If even a good priest sees someone slandering the Law and disregards him, failing to reproach him, to oust him or to punish him for his offense, then that priest is betraying Buddhism.

But if he takes the slanderer severely to task, drives him off or punishes him, then he is my disciple and one who truly understands my teachings."
Shakyamuni Buddha
Photo by ©Al Wiggins Jr
Medical professionals
so full of knowledge
broke the law one day
at Bridgewater State College.

First came the slander,
then to hedge their bets,
they made sure to deprive me
of all due process.

Incorrigible, and heaping
sin upon sin, upon sin.
Three furies set a trap
for an unsuspecting man.

A doctor sent the police
looking for a wild beast.
Instead what they found
was a law-abiding priest.

This is for the unknown student.

The student who doesn't know that
on campus there are two sets of rules.
There's the set in the student handbook
and the other set that's hidden from view.

The student who doesn't know
about the hidden law,
can easily be victimized
due to that fatal flaw.

It doesn't matter if that student
honorably served our nation.
Any veteran can be a victim
of character assassination.

For when a doctor lies
no student is safe.
Before the student can react
the doctor can escape.

With the help of co-workers
the guilty can stay masked.
While the administration
simply takes you to task.

For when a social worker
is jaded and corrupt,
access and accommodations
are easy to disrupt.

Another doctor can repeat
any lie about you
then legitimize the hoax
by calling it a review.

So if you become disabled on campus
the way it happened to me
you can be refused all help
and simply be turned away.

When administrators
take no responsibilty,
for school employee

they become liars
with cowardly hearts
and will protect those
that do their parts.

The Unknown Student by © Al Wiggins Jr

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