Sunday, June 20, 2021

Enter the Oversoul

I am Mister Al: Agent of S.H.I.V.A. (Sagacious, Honorable, Intuitive, Vigorous Apollyon). I serve the Lord alongside the Host (the physical body) at The Temple of Shiro. (Romans 12:1)
As Oversoul and Keeper of the Living Shrine of the Cosmic Christ at the Temple of Shiro, my job is to stay focused on the holy presence of my King, Jesus Christ, and discern what He wants from me so that I may do His will. All negative viewpoints are irrelevant. (Romans 12:2) The story 'Agents of Satan' was originally inspired by the daily visions, hallucinations and recurring nightmares I suffered during the period I was under the influence of lithium carbonate. All that survives from those experiences are a group of notebooks containing coded journal entries that span the period from my unlawful imprisonment in 2004, to the Cosmic Confluence of 2016 that occured between Halloween and the Day(s) of the Dead. The collection of coded notations from that time in history is called 'the Book of Corliss.'
In 2006, my legal battle with Bridgewater State College was still in its inception. In spite of being caught up in a state of chemically-induced schizophrenia brought on by lithium carbonate, the drug that I was tricked into ingesting at Brockton Hospital, that year I wrote the selection 'No Advocacy' under the psuedonym 'O.G. Fred Mack: The Harbinger of Woe.' In 2006, 'the Harbinger of Woe' was portrayed as an advocate who used social media to address the wrongs done to the Host. In Agents of Satan, the Host was a Cold War era veteran who was a victim of stereotypes and discrimination. He wrote about his legal battles in detail, ready to call out his adversaries by name.

His new position in life as a warrior for Christ now limits the Host's use of 'curse words.' (Isaiah 54:16) However, the use of scripture is always encouraged. Biblical verses, used in context, are swords of the Spirit that come directly from the Armor of God and can be used to effectively combat the Agents of Evil. (Ephesians 6:16-17)

Here's our schedule for Summer 2021:

OpDemoniac: Operation Oya (Mondays), Operation Deimos (Tuesdays), Operation Phobos (Wednesdays), Backstabber Watch (Thusdays) and Agents of Evil (Fridays).

The Hive: Monday thru Saturday.

The I-3: Monday through Friday.

The 'Big Board' at and Priest are both active seven days a week.

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