Satan the Accuser

Monday, January 20, 2020

For The Swarm (401)

Today begins the second full week of the new year. New year's resolutions aside, It's the perfect day and the perfect time to reassess my roster and to make some adjustments.

Separating The Destroyer's Data Mining Project from The Strategic Alliance of Webmasters earlier in the New Year served to expand the resources of both groups, albeit in different ways. The DDMP is more focused on delivery and syndication. The S.A.W. is more focused on research and development of current ops and future projects.

The first adjustment was an audit of all active ops at 'The Destroyer's Data Mining Project.'shocking amount of gaps found in our archives was and was a problem that needed an immediate solution.
The solution was was the revival of a old social media project called 'Operation Deja Vu (OpDejaVu). OpDejaVu made it's debut during the Occupy Movement and included five sections: the original PSYOP (political intel), the original Operation Hyacinth (rights of the child), Backstabber Watch (duplicity and crime in politics and business), The Student Union (campus crime, sexual assault) and Hypocrates (medical fraud).
Of the five sections, PSYOP and Operation Hyacinth are the only that upgraded for deployment on this site. The others are still moth-balled for now. However, this site will be the repository for the new OpDejaVu which both concentrate on old stories that fill the holes in this site's archives.

Those stories will be processed through The Vectors:
Minions of Belial, Denizens of Zophos, Agents of Behemoth and The Curse of Asmodeus. Select stories will then posted at Guantanamo-on-the-Styx, periodically.

Behold the blue thundercloud! I liken each lightning strike to an instance where scandals involving Donald Trump and the skinflints, cheapskates and misers in the GOP leadership are uncovered, their crimes are revealed & the details are shared with the voting public.

Tomorrow never comes, but the sun will rise soon enough.