Satan the Accuser

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day of the Quinary (Taurean Flow)

Today the number five
is in the mix.
Directing your gaze
to some very dirty tricks.
The 47 Traitors are still free to betray us at will
and sabotage the peace promised by the Iran bill.

The Republican leadership in Congress is a liability.
The decisions they make reek with stupidity.

The damage to our nation is not a mirage.
Sequestration is fiscal sabotage.

GOP leaders don't respect the scientists of our nation.
So they're slow to reward progress or innovation.

The House GOP leadership isn't known for it's loyalty.
They're currently helping banks eager to prey upon our military.

We have asked ourselves time and again:
"What manner of evil took hold of these men?"
So many millionaires now in Congress
and voters consider most of them worthless.

The unholy alliance of dark money and naked greed
has made many a congressman unfit to lead.
So watch GOP leaders shamelessly pander and chase
the corporate bucks that finance their disgrace.