Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Occupy Hades: Current Operations

"Changes ought to be undertaken only
when there is nothing else to be done.
Therefore at first the utmost restraint
is necessary.
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook
One must become firm in one's mind,
control oneself...and refrain from doing
anything for the time being,
because any premature offensive
will bring evil results."

The I Ching: Ko / Revolution (49).

The Flaming Five of The Hive
In the past few weeks the number of sites that comprise The S.A.W. at TheSwarm.us shrunk as Occupy Hades at TheDestroyers.info evolved. The S.A.W. consists of Priest, Mister Al, G-Pa, The Hive and Karmic Radio. This latest configuration works well and all five elements are consistently active.

Today's configuration represents an effective and preferred alternative to G-Pa.us, powered by Blogger. G-Pa operated as a sole pointman with multiple feeds but continually struggled to keep pace with Mister Al, Operation DejaVu at Scoop.it.

This morning, Priest, The Veil of the Soul via Operation Hyacinth at paper.li and Mister Al deployed a new information-gathering regime. The configuration puts the resources of The Hive in a spread pattern, allowing both Priest and Mister Al enough flexibility during data mining operations to support #OpHyacinth.

We intend to monitor The Hive more closely in the coming months, and deploy it more effectively through select issues already identified in Operation DejaVu (#OpDejaVu). We hope to continue the success we've had with Operation Hyacinth (#OpHyacinth) thus far, and look forward to spreading the new methodology to Operation Fukushima (#OpFukushima) and eventually The Swarm at paper.li.

As for Faceless at Faceless.info, we're focusing our original sound production projects on Operation Bridgewater. We 're extending the scope of this endeavor through The Mirror of Sound on MixCloud and G-Pa on twitter. All that's left is to produce and release the pilot via Karmic Radio on SoundCloud. Wait for it.

The Host
Occupy Hades