Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The New Time

"There are officials who indeed do not strive for prominence; they hide behind the letter of the [law], decline all responsibility, accept pay without giving its equivalent in work, and bear empty titles." - The I Ching: Ch'ien / Modesty (15)

It's been over six months since the last post. But that post is as relevant now as it was then, because it sets the stage for events which will surely come. For instance, the following text was posted at the Founder's page on Facebook only a few nights ago:

"I've been notified by my legal counsel that one or more of the tracks from The Faceless MPs - Occupy Hades may be entered as evidence in a trial.

The events described in the The Faceless MPs - PPD No. 14-108502, recorded live and released via Karmic Radio on in October 2014, set in motion a series of legal actions that began with a Superior Court appeal I filed in that month.

That trial took place in Superior Court in February 2015. After my testimony in open court, and with the judge's permission, I filed four Title 3 discrimination complaints with the Justice Department via

In all four cases, the Justice Department agreed that each matter should be investigated further. The DOJ then referred each of the four cases to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for further scrutiny.

As luck would have it, The Case of the Bedbug Mattress - PPD No. 14-108502 is the first case to go to trial. Until the matter is resolved in court, I have to use new material from another case. I have one in mind

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The Destroyer's Data Mining Project was founded on April 15, 2011. It's first job was to process the information gathered during the process of discovery in Bridgewater State College v. Alfred Wiggins. That stockpile of legal information was sorted, collated and remains archived to this day.

Until recently, that archive was maintained with the hope that the information contained therein would be useful in future cases. But the project's methodology changed with the introduction of The Faceless MPs and 'The Case of the Bedbug Mattress (PPD No. 14-108502).'

Originally the project to gather information passively. In that way, since law enforcement requested that a report on the incident be made in court, I used the project's resources to that end. The result was a cache of information that led to the complaints filed with the Department of Justice, that were mentioned in the last post entry.

took whatever I could use to it was deployed aggressively. using every social media weapon in the arsenal.The future is now, but adjustments must be made in order to deploy the project with maximum effect. First it was deployed to gather information gathering project, but soon it was used further research various findings during the early days of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

The Faced with the challenge of keeping the project active The Destroyer's Data Mining ProjectAdjustments must be made to the scenario. In this case, that scenario is called Occupy Hades. In my capacity as "The Destroyer," in this scenario I've made Occupy Hades at my host. Operation Death Trap, originally posted on the Day of the Dead in 2016,