Friday, March 27, 2020

The Seventh Day

Day 7 of isolation: No, I'm not going stir-crazy...yet. There's too much going on in the world and too many stupid ideas circulating on television, as well as on social media, for me to stay disengaged for long. I'm just testing my new face mask.
Photo by ©Al Wiggins Jr.
It replaces my old modified ski mask which, while initially designed to thwart surveillance cameras & early facial recognition programs, wasn't a good replacement for a hospital mask. Practicality & functionality matter more than style points, especially when one is caught up in the midst of a pandemic.

I'm guessing that by now you've seen the stories on the news about politicians and business leaders who say that the elderly should sacrifice their lives 'for the sake of the economy.' Those stories might be amusing if select politicians and CEOs weren't so serious about getting rid of working-class geezers like me.

It appears that the skinflints, cheapskates and misers in the GOP leadership can't find willing volunteers outside their ranks, so maybe they should look within. After all, many of those two-faced grifters are senior citizens just like me. Maybe the silver-haired psychopaths among them would like to show you, me and other seniors across the country what those 'sacrifices' look like.

Such demonstrations would surely add an element of excitement to our current, run-of-the-mill press conferences. Instead of focusing solely on Donald Trump's bold-faced lies, or cutting him off entirely, the networks could add special segments during which an avid euthanasia enthusiast, such as former Tennessee senator Bob Corker, would cheerfully take a last stroll into the depths of Hell, while the journalists fact-checked Trump's statements.

If that happens, be ready pull up a chair and enjoy the show. As for me, I prefer 'duty, honor and country' to grimy grifters and their greed. I'm most enthusiastic about the former. The latter is ugly indeed.

The Seventh Day by ©Al Wiggins Jr, a.k.a. 'Mister Al.'