Thursday, July 3, 2014

Portals - PSYOP

At the beginning of a conflict, 
when drama comes non-stop,
and your back's against the wall
Calm yourself, then play "PSYOP."

Taught to me by my dad,
an airborne paratrooper,
PSYOP lures the guilty
into a false sense of security.

When your enemies are strong
and act badly, be discrete.
Use PSYOP to undermine them
until the damage is complete.

The times have changed,
and with them, the methods.
Many used to play in real time
but then some went online.

Now PSYOP is a war game.
A social media experiment.
Designed to make slanderers
choke on their own excrement.

The Destroyers mine data,
so if you lie to us, you're through,
because "we'll dig up all of your dirt
'til we're at the bottom of you."

So come point out backstabbers
from The Swarm without fear,
because the dads who run PSYOP
are at the tip of the spear.

(PSYOP by © Al Wiggins Jr.)
Image courtesy of Al Wiggins Jr

Operation Warchild | #OpWarChild 

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