Sunday, November 8, 2020

Before the Outbreak - Part Two | Occupy Hades

On April 10, 2014, a bedbug-infested mattress was on the left side of my apartment as I exited the apartment that first day. I saw other neighbors emerge from their apartments as well. When I got to the first floor, the maintenance man was at the guard station (where the security camera monitors are) with the security guard at the front door. He apologized and told me that a property manager, Behemoth, instructed him to leave the mattress beside my door and to put the insecticide in the hallway.

I don't know the apartment numbers of all the people who lived on the second floor where I lived at the time of the incident, but every tenant on that floor saw the bedbug-infested mattress. It was put against the wall directly beside my door and the pool of insecticide that lay the middle of our hallway. The pool of insecticide stretched from one end of the hallway to the other and was so wide that it was impossible for tenants, or our visitors, to avoid stepping into it.

Though I was disabled at the time of the incident, I was in the process of preparing myself to go back to work in radio broadcasting. I worked as an on-air personality before suffering a stroke in 2000. My goal was to gain employment as either an on-air radio personality or a producer of radio programming. However, the incident had a negative effect on my job search.

After the infestation I was afraid to go job hunting for fear of spreading bedbugs. Because I could not get rid of them, I was terrified of being in the middle of an interview and being humiliated because bedbugs would appear on my person at any time. I shunned public transportation for that same reason; for fear that I would be identified as a carrier of bedbugs.

The only statements about the incident from witnesses, which I have on record, are in an interview I conducted with a fellow tenant which was released via Karmic Radio, on Specifically, the interview is the second part of a three-selection playlist called Occupy Hades. The name of the track is, The Case of the Bed Bug Mattress - PPD Report no. 14-108502.

Mister Al